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Junet and Jordanian Universities TAC Meeting with STS Company

JUNET team, Jordanian Universities TAC and STS company held a meeting to discuss the concurrent Cyber security issues, and the different threats and vulnerabilities that can be exploited by external parties, and the possible external and internal risks. The meeting includes discussing the five main pillars of information security: Confidentiality, Integrity, Availability, Accountability, and Non-repudiation.

For better practical illustration, an external basic checks were done previously to demonstrate the abilities and adequacy of the current systems for mitigating these risks and blocking such attacks and threats. New findings were given and used to discuss these issues with the JUNet TAC, also suggesting new solutions and practices for strengthening and hardening the security further for the network devices and the systems as a whole in the Jordanian Universities Network.

Regarding the collected systems’ information and the findings based on the safe checks that have been deployed, and for the sake of authenticity and confidentiality, The report was completely encrypted and delivered securely to the authorized personnel.

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