Over the past years, JUNet made many attempts to cope up with the latest network technologies to upgrade the infrastructure for the universities in Jordan, it has achieved fine results and at the same time, challenges and obstacles are always a matter of concern that JUNet tried hard to confront all of these challenges, to keep implementing the best services and products that can enhance the educational process in the Jordanian Universities, and become one of the top leading organizations in the field of supporting universities’ staff and students. However, JUNet is always heading for promising projects that can further update the infrastructure and services in public sector, herein the achievments that has been accomplished so far: 

  • Providing quality network services to the universities including VPNs and Video Conferencing services
  • Providing reliable infrastructure to the libraries to provide sector-wide Library Management Services and the scientific Journals and publications and periodicals that are commonly used
  • Internet consolidation including all related management services to all universities
  • Representing Jordan in some EU funded projects, more specifically: EUMEDCONNECT and EUMEDGRID
  • Conducting conferences, workshops and seminars which aim to promoting technology usage in research and education
  • ​Providing quality and specialized training to the universities technical staff

​​​​At the regional level, JUNet is leading the initiatives related to establishing the regional research network. JUNet is also playing an important role in promoting joint and collaborative research in the region.​​​​​​​​

JUNet is always aiming at satisfying universities needs of high-end & reliable Internet, IT solutions & support, As well as cooperating with private-sector companies to introduce the latest IT technologies and trends into universities realm.​

Currently, JUNet is working on several projects for the aim of providing services to universities to further facilitate their procedural operations and implementations, enhance the performance and collaboration, and building capacities for both staff and students, we are in progress of creating new services to universities like:

1 – Connecting with Oracle

2 – DR – Data Recovery

3 – HPC – High Performance Computing

4 – SMS Campaigns