Under the vision of His Majesty, King Abdullah II, to push Jordan forward with stronger economic growth and expand opportunities to everyone, the Jordanian Universities Network (JUNet) has been established as an organization dedicated to serving the higher-education sector in the country with the right infrastructure and technology framework that enhances inter and intra connectivity across campuses.

Any thriving economy begins with knowledge, and any innovative country needs advanced studies and research. JUNet persists to ensure it provides the most effective technologies and solutions at the most effective cost. to enable this, It leverages economies-of-scale and the unity and partnership among Jordanian universities.

Our roadmap started with the establishment of our fiber-optics infrastructure connecting all public universities and campuses across our country. We further moved to offering optimized Internet access and software solutions through our strategic agreements with Orange and Microsoft.

As we look into the future, we are exploring venues to grow our network horizontally by bringing on-board private higher-institutions and vertically by offering higher custom applications and services.I look forward to a bright and promising future that will elevate our country on the international stage as the hub for science and innovation in the region.

Dr. Saleh Al-Sharaeh, Executive Director.