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The Islamic University signs a cooperation agreement with Jordan Universities Network

​The University of Islamic International Sciences (ISU) signed a cooperation agreement with Jordan University Network on Thursday to link official Jordanian universities to the Internet to provide Internet access to the university for non-commercial uses. The agreement was signed by “Dr.Abdel Nasser Abu Albasal”, ISU president, and the Chairman of the JUNet Board of Directors “Dr.Abdul Rahim Al-Hunaiti”. Under the agreement, the latest technology of the University of Islamic Science in the Internet will be provided, so that faculty members, students and university employees can use the Internet efficiently, especially that the university capacity is 30 Mbps. The university president said that this agreement constitutes a qualitative transfer in the Internet service, more than five times the current capacity, which in turn reflects positively on the quality of academic services, e-learning and computer services provided by the university to employees and students alike. Likewise, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Jordanian Universities Network said that all the 11 official universities in Jordan have been linked to this system, which will open channels between these universities and benefit from libraries, programs, centers of excellence and all educational and administrative services provided by universities.​

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