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JUNet General Authority elects a Board of Directors

​The General Authority of the Jordanian Universities Network at the University of Jordan recently met to elect a board of directors for the network for the next three years. The President of the Hashemite University Dr. Kamal Al-Din Bani Hani won the post of Chairman of the Board of Directors, the President of Al-Bayt University Dr. Ziauddin Irfa as Vice-Chairman of the Board, and the President of Mu’tah University Dr. Dhafer Al-Sarayrah as a member of the Board. The Director of the Information Technology Center, Dr. Saleh Al-Sharayeh, explained that the General Authority of the network which comprises of the heads of government universities (Jordan, Yarmouk, Mu’tah, Science and Technology, Al Al-Bayt, Hashemite, Balqa , Hussein Bin Talal, Tafileh Tech and German Jordanian university), is conducting International and local agreements and boost collaboration to further support the progress of the higher education and scientific research, and it also provides all the means of communication systems, and services required for the continuity of the educational process, and that is in addition to the Internet and connectivity to the networks of research and education in the world. Furthermore, Dr.Saleh Al-Sharayeh clarified, that the network provides various software licensing services to the higher education sector, and recently signed an agreement aims at providing an integrated connection portal for researchers in Jordanian universities.​

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